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February 20, 2010: LAW(Learn about Wine)'s one-day Santa Barbara trip

*3 private wineries
*Provided transporatation
*Catered lunch
*Hands on wine education

What could go wrong?

Our bus' engine caught on fire. The trip started in Downtown, ended in Sherman Oaks.

Always positive, Danny and I decided to go check out 55 Degree Wine as a back up plan.

We met Andy, the shop owner, who hand picks his wine selection, which is mostly Italian. He enthusiastically took us downstairs for some wine tasting.

Ironically, we missed a chance of a day of tasting California wines to hang out with European wine. Andy told us that he actually cannot stand Cali wines, for it is too "jammy". Danny and I mentioned that European wines are often too earthy for us or even smell like a barn at times. He pointed out the reason was because they simply come from older vines that are hundreds of years old.

"Look at it this way," he started."When I started drinking coffee, I NEEDED cream and sugar in it. Now, I drink a straight shot of espresso. Is it bitter. Sure, but I appreciate its flavor. California wines are fruit forward and sometimes taste too sweet. The more experience you have with wine, the more you will start craving the old world style. You'll see."

For now I still promote Cali wines, but visiting 55 Degree Wine really opened my mind to learn more about European wines.

55 Degree Wine
3111 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Anonymous said...

I saw Ian Blackburn on Sunday Feb 21st and he was quite hung over. He said the bus fire was so tramatic he had to calm his nerves with lots of wine. Poor guy.. I am glad you guys managed to salvage the day..

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