Donati - Merlot - Templeton (Paso Robles)

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Don't get me wrong. I love me some fruit forward, full-medium bodied, over-ripe zin.

But opening up a mellow, earthy Donati Merlot after a "jammy" zin brought some relief to my palate and rocked my senses to sleep after a long day at work.

The next day, I noticed more fruit, but surrounded by oakiness. Wonderful balance. I just sipped and loved every minute of it.

The third day, more acidic qualities exuded. I should have finished the bottle the previous day...

(lessons of evolving wine... always finish the bottle if you're enjoying it - never assume it will be the same the next day) 

Price: This bottle is $27, but we bought it directly from the tasting room in Templeton, near Paso Robles, and the bottle came with a complimentary tasting. Currently, this bottle is out, but let this be a testament for wonderful Merlots!


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