Sonoma Landing Pinot Noir

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It has been quite a while since my last posting. Looking back, my days are a haze of MANY different wines. Some good, most unmemorable.

It's not that I have been drinking BAD wine. No, no. I just become underwhelmed after I finish a bottle and I lose motivation to re-purchase, to re-try. The hunt for bargain wines is not an easy one (oh, what a tough life). At times you feel you have found something worth writing about, but you just get bored or tired of it over time. And then you forget... What's that wine we had? Oh well, onto the next!

Is new and fresh on your palate something to pursue, or reliable and predictable?

(this can be a metaphor for so many things)

I am at a point where I do want something that I can always turn to and KNOW that I won't regret opening and finishing. I choose you, Sonoma Landing Pinot Noir!

Light bodied, light tannins from the stems and skin to mellow out the fruit, and pairs wonderfully with a light meal of salad, fish, or something with gooey cheese (perhaps ALL of them together!).

My wine racks are stocked with a variety of wine, many that we purchased as single bottles. My wandering palate will continue to pursue the next greatest bargain. But as of right now, it's "interested" in the Sonoma Landing.

This bottle is usually offered on BevMo's 5 cent sale!


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