Finding wine, finding myself

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Pinot Noir has become my favorite wine - so versatile, pleasing, and distinguishable between key regions. Some favorites - Sonoma, Russian River Valley, Oregon, Burgandy, SLO. Why? I have come to really like fruit-forward (not jammy) qualities with light earth tones. This is my go-to style, and each of the mentioned regions give different degrees of this. I don't know what it is, but writing just can't seem to describe why I react with "Oh.... my.... God!" with quality wines from these places. Is it the way that the sweeping vineyard views, gorgeous weather, mystic fog, soil, minerals from the earth, TLC of the hands and minds that handle the grapes and vines, and inviting sunshine is somehow compressed into a simple, humble glass? Because Pinot Noirs are so distinct, it is easy to mentally transport back to some of our favorite trips...
And now, I am about to embark on a new adventure... to Japan! My wine journey is not ending; in fact, my self-education with sake will begin. However, I am still wondering why I am cutting off my flowing supply of great, accessible wine.

As I live in Japan, I will see how my perspectives (on wine) change. How much will I miss it? Will sake and Sapparo be able to fill the void? Will Japanese food naturally change my cravings? (FYI - ramen and red wine do NOT go together).

Thank you for reading my blog. It was not created with any ambition - just a simple desire to record what I learn and hopes to share knowledge with others who are curious.

I choose to end my blog, though, to begin a new one, which will chronicle my time in Japan. Through writing this blog, I have learned the importance of recording experiences, having an outlet for ideas and reflection, and looking back on growth. I am excited to see how my next writing journey develops!


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