Cottonwood Canyon - "Bistro Classic" Zinfandel - Santa Maria - '03

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*Edited based on Daeshin's comment and Stanley's suggestion*

Retail: $15.00

I bought this bottle at the winery. The wine pourers were vibrant and generous, and I walked out with 1/2 a case of this stuff, and I'm not usually a zinfandel fan. However, the smoky notes blended with heavy red fruits (strawberries, cranberries, pomogranates), made a unique experience.

I opened a bottle at home, excitedly poured myself a glass, and to my dismay got a whiff of alcohol. So I let the glass sit, and distracted myself with other things, such as TV, e-mails, and my boyfriend. When returning to the wine, it had smoothed out, and all the enjoyable qualities, that I remember purchasing this for, unraveled. I love how it's so fruit forward without being sweet, and when I breathe in the subtle smokiness, I am reminded of a warm, sunny day out in the vineyards. 

Friends, family, conversation, cheese, dried fruit, and lightly salted nuts will enhance the experience with this wine. Let it breathe for 5-10 minutes, then enjoy the layers of red fruits that emerge with each sip.


Daeshin said...

Congratulations on the blog! L'vin it! And I really like the colour coding. But one request for California-wine-neophytes like myself - if you could note the retail prices, that'd be pretty helpful...

Lisa Kim said...

thanks for the suggestion! will do!

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