Havens Wine Cellars - Merlot - Napa - 05

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"There are two clear choices with California Merlot right now: Splurge and buy the best, or search for reliable values. Unfortunately, Merlot's middle ground is tougher terrain, because too many merlots in the $20-$40 price range offer only so-so quality." - Tim Fish, Wine Spectator, November 2009 issue

In response to Fish, I found a wonderful Merlot in the $30 range. Even better, it's on sale for $9.97 at the Wine House!

This wine is certainly hearty. Hints of V8, red meat, and pepper but smooth enough for me to lounge with. I tried the Haven's Syrah, which had some of the same scents and flavors, but it was rough. You HAVE to eat a steak with that one; you couldn't just sit and enjoy a glass of it like you could with this Merlot.

But why NOT have a steak with this wine? Amazing with food, enjoyable on its own, with complex flavors that continue to stimulate your senses. Therefore, put your negative preconceptions of Merlot aside (note: Sideways is NOT a wine bible!) and stock up on this bottle while the prices are down.

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jason an said...

i have a hard time eating and drinking wines at the same time. it just doesnt taste right to me. any tips/recommendations?

Lisa Kim said...

Some people are just the opposite - they don't drink wine without food. It's just preference really. I personally like to lounge with wine without food. But if I have a white wine that is sweeter, I like to mellow it out with cheese and crackers. If I have red wine that is acidic or spicy - spaghetti and meatballs! (can you tell I don't cook?)

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