Silver Horse - "Nada Blanca" Tempranillo - Central Coast - 05

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This wine brings a positive connotation to "stinky". The nose... fresh, sundried dirt, after rain. The taste... OH so velvety, smooth, and a hint of chocolate and cherries - just enough to provide flavor. The second glass brought about more tannins, but they quickly softened out to a pleasant finish.

I'd like to also note that this wine is from the CENTRAL COAST. Kudos to producing a wine comparable to ones praised as "Old World Europe", yet attracting those, like me, who gravitate more towards California-style wines.

Silver Horse only sells the '07 "Nada Blanca" Tempranillo now, but you can find the '05 at Vino: Wine and Tapas Room in Encino. This restaurant has  HAPPY HOUR 4-7 everyday. They offer a generous pour of this "Nada Blanca" for just $6 a glass.


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