Cline - "Cashmere" red wine - Sonoma - '08

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Retail price: $16.99

When drinking red wine, you may notice grittiness on your tongue, notes of grape skin and seeds in your mouth, and a sensation to smack your lips at the end of the sip. Those feelings are "tannins."

Tannins of wine are similar to the bitterness of coffee, the hoppiness of beer, the stinkiness of cheese.

An acquired taste. Something you eventually learn to appreciate.

Too much of the above qualities shows carelessness in the craftsman. Just enough reminds what specialty food is taken, is enjoyed.

I once went to a food tasting in which I had a chocolate that eliminates tannins. True. Unrefined, unripe tannins can sometimes make a wine undrinkable, but you need to feel the tannins to understand the craftsmanship, or carelessness, of the wine maker.

So this leads me to describe Cline "Cashmere" red wine.  SMOOTH Rhone Blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre). The ripeness of red and dark purple fruit without the heaviness or viscosity. Instead, soft and light on your tongue. The winemaker really took time to experiment and make the absence of tannins possible.

This does not mean I dislike tannins - it adds a layer (or two) of interest on the wine. As for my coffee, I drink it black. Don't even get me started on why I can't stand Coors Light. And, hey- I like stinky cheese.

But it's cold outside, and I'm going to turn on my heater, curl up with a blanket on my couch, and warm my mouth with some "Cashmere".


jason an said...

oooh this sounds great. i dont like reds cuz im not yet used to the "tannins" but ill definitely try it out.

Chung-Ah Rhee said...

Mmmm you make red wine sound so delicious but I've been scarred from it cause the first time i drank it, my teeth were stained for hours and no one had told me!

Btw, what was that white wine you brought to Thanksgiving? That might have been the best tasting wine I've ever had :)

Lisa Kim said...

@jason: yes, if you're not used to the "tannins" this is a great bottle to drink!

@chung-ah: Gainey Sauvignon Blanc - you can get it at BevMo =)

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