Little Penguin - Pinot Noir - Austrailia

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When I first started drinking wine, I only drank Pinot Grigio, partly because I was clumsy and I didn't want to show any wine stains.

Then, I moved onto Pinot Noirs as my palate shifted towards reds.

After discovering Temecula, I longed for heavier, more tannic reds, so I developed a stigma towards Pinot Noirs as I stereotyped them as too "light bodied".

How ignorant of me! After many trips to Santa Barbara, I realized that Pinot Noirs can be fuller, but its delicacies should be appreciated.

This takes me to the Little Penguin Pinot Noir. Bought at the BevMo! five cent sale, I came home with two bottles (one bottle is only $8.00), and the next day one bottle was already finished. The thing I noticed about this Pinot was that I could taste the whole grape cluster. Fruit forward taste. Stems and seeds in the finish. Flesh remains on your tongue. Cheap, excellent wine. In fact, last year, Wine Spectator included this bottle in their "Best Wines under $20" issue!


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