Turnbull - "Old Bull" - Napa Valley

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As my wine hobby grows, and I fantasize about immersing myself in the business. To learn details on how to get started, I sat through a Wine Business 101 lecture held by Ian Blackburn (LearnAboutWine).

Blackburn gave a lot of useful facts and anecdotes to clear up my questions, and I realized that I'd rather keep my day job and have wine remain as a hobby. I think I need that separation, I need that contrast. There is nothing like a great wine trip to look forward to to get you through the day. What if I had a career in wine? After all that stress would I really be looking forward to more wine?

It's true that there are plenty of people who build their lifestyles around wine and love it. Perfect example, our instructor, Ian Blackburn. His journey with the wine business has been a roller coaster, but his heights made staying in the business worth it.

To refer back to the class, we tasted plenty of wine, including a bottle of self-blended pinot noir (left over wines mixed in one bottle). But one that stood out was "Old Bull" by Turnbull winery. 

In response to the economy, Turn Bull released a bottle that the average person can purchase and enjoy ($19.99). The varietals are a mystery - a red blend with qualities of dark berries with a touch of cinnomin and spice. Full, easy to drink, and glamorous (Turnbull's reds usually begin at $35, and although the "Old Bull" is only $19.99, you still taste all the qualities that make Turnbull and expensive brand).

Maybe I'll change my mind about pursuing the wine business as my experiences deepen. 'Til then, writing about wine (for pleasure) is enough to keep the mind afloat.


cparente said...

Totally agree on the Old Bull -- really big, delicous wine. All the flavors that works a lot better together than all the varietals would suggest. I had the 2007, and will be buying more.

Lisa.Sunghee.Kim said...

Nice to know when others agree! Thanks for your comment =)

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