Buttonwood - Cabernet Sauvignon - Santa Ynez - '05

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Purchase at the Buttonwood Winery - case sale: $100!!!

I don't cook. It's messy, and frankly, I'm not very good at it.

Now, imagine this scenario: I come home later than expected because of work. I'm tired and frustrated, so I relieve myself with a nice phone conversation with a friend, and as we are talking, I look through my wine collection and pull out this Cab. I uncork it and pour myself a glass while I'm listening to my friend go on about her day. I swirl my glass, take a sniff, sensing aromas of dark, ripe fruit and some acidity. I take a sip and the fruit becomes brighter, the tannins are present yet mellow, and the finish is soft, with a slight acidic kick at the end. At this point, I was not listening to my friend anymore; the only thing in my mind was that I wanted spaghetti and marinara meat sauce. So simple, yet the wine made me crave it.

I said good-bye to my friend and drove to Ralphs, where I bought Ragu premade marinara sauce, turkey ground meat, penne pasta, and fresh cut mushrooms. I brought it home and put it together, and it was AMAZING. Yes, this wine inspired me to cook. There was a specific flavor I sought that only I knew how to fulfill. After my meal, I relaxed on the couch with another glass, just by itself, and I decided it was an awesome day.


Amy Carter said...

YUM-o! Cooking can be messy and sometimes stressful, but I really love trying to cook new things and enjoying food (and wine) at home. Unless we can walk to the restaurant, I'd prefer to eat at home!

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