Paso Robles, Part 2: Far Out Wineries

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The following wineries are more north-west, and a bit "out of the way" compared to the wineries on the 46. Here are the ones worth visiting(wineries listed from west to east):

1. JUSTIN: Known for their custom reds- JUSTIFICATION, ISOSCELES, OBTUSE. Beautiful winery. Tour recommended (for appointment call 805.238.6932 ext. 3224 )

2. Le Cuvier: Smooth reds with various layers. Nice craftsmanship, especially with their Pinot Noir and Cab. Franc.

3. Tablas Creek: Specializing in Rhone varietals, so expect jammy fruit with a side of tannins.

4. Tolo Cellars: These wines are more spicy and tannic. There are even signs of green peppers and pepperoncinis. Appetizing wines for a great meal!

5. Adelaida Cellars: our FAVORITE in this region. These wines are clean, silky, sexy, amazing.

6. Opolo Vineyards: Earthy yet smooth, with hints of fruitines.

7. Minassian-Young: An up-and-coming winery. Big, unique reds worth visiting.

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