In-and-Out and Zin? Best Date EVER!

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Wine House recently reduced the price of Renwood Zinfandel Grandmere from $35 down to $15!

The winemaker describes:  "The 2005 Grandmère Zinfandel is a brick red color. The aroma of this wine is chocked full of vanilla, caramel, holiday spices, raspberry and hazelnut.  The flavors are deep and rich with layers upon layers of ripe fruit, toasted oak and spice. This wine is always about the best of the best and we are blessed with many Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards from which to choose each component of the final blend. Full flavored, generous and mouth filling are the words that we use to describe this wine."
Truly a perfect description of this well-crafted wine.

As soon as Danny read about this bottle, he picked up a bottle right away to surprise me with!

What better way to enjoy it than with a nice, greasy In-and-Out to bring out the flavors of the wine?

There was a lot of smackin', slurpin', and gruntin' in delicious approval.

It was the best date night EVER.


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