Groundwork Grenache - Santa Barbara

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A while back, I wrote about an unfortunate attempt at a bus trip to Santa Barbara wine country with Learn About Wine (through no fault of this company). A couple of months later, our trip, deemed the "Burning Bus Tour" (nice!), was rescheduled and we were on our way!

I would highly recommend anyone to take a trip with Learn About Wine. Professional, organized, informative, and fun!

The trip occurred in 2010, and a little more than a year later, we found ourselves digging through our wine collection, finding this bottle, the Groundwork Grenache ($20), and reminiscing... "Oh yeah, remember that?"

Actually BETTER than what I remembered. Fruit with a hint of spice, smooth and medium-bodied, chilled at 55 degrees to make it refreshing on a 100 degree day (*hint: we use a mini-fridge to store our red wines. We turned it down to "low" and it happens to be around 55 degrees! Much cheaper than purchasing a wine fridge.)

Then it all came back to us.... outdoor tasting, trying the excellent wines of Sans Liege, but the wine-maker raving about this particular bottle, his favorite, his passion, his label called Groundwork.

Just to let you know, Grenache is usually used as a blending grape along with Syrah and Mourvedre to create the lovely "Rhone" blend. It is brave and wonderful for him to venture this way. I appreciate it more and more with every sip (and a chug here and there).

To passion, uniqueness, and accomplishment... Cheers!


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