Color Code Explanation

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There are so many different varietals and vintages out there. A 2007 Cab is completely different from a 2009. I've found Pinot Noirs to be extremely diverse. Also, there are so many different scents and flavors that wines can provide, and depending on your mood or what you're doing, you may want something more robust, or something more mellow. So the way I decided to categorize my wines is by the experience it can provide.

Breathtaking: This wine truly stand on it's own. The textures, flavors, smoothness, finish will have you raving about it for days!

Lounge-time: although not the best wine you may try, it is great to relax with - a good quality wine that will make any day a special occasion!

Food suggestions: Recommendations for food pairings.

Unmemorable: I probably won't buy this bottle again or mention it to anyone.

Still determining: The context for tasting was not good, or I need to try it more to make a fair judgement.


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