Rodney Strong - Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - Sonoma - 06

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Christmas pot luck party, chili cook-off, Rodney Strong... I probably should not have tried this wine after two bowls of spicy chili...

It was definitely smooth, but where was the nose? Where was the flavor?

I reached for a handful of M&M's nearby and then took another sip. I got a small burst of black licorice and grape, but it dissipated very quickly, leaving me wondering what other bottles were open.

However, I looked up this bottle to see what others say about it, and many sources gave it between 88-90 points. Why wasn't I as enthused?

I am determined to try this bottle again with a cleaner palate, without having binged on an array of potluck items.


Kat said...

Roy picked out a Sauvignon Blanc for a dinner party. It was given 91 points, but it was awful! We should have known from the screw-on cap.

Lisa Kim said...

Sorry the SavBlnc didn't work out for you guys... but if you win the raffle, I'll give you the Cottonwood Chardonnay. 93 points, and it will NOT disappoint =)

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