Gascon - Malbec - Argentina - '08

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Back in April 2009, I won a wine contest...

Where: Trader Joe's Westside, Sepulveda at Palms

Prompt: In 75 or fewer words, review and recommend your favorite wine from those offered at your Sepulveda/Palms Trader Joe's and be eligible for a $50 gift card!

What I Reviewed: Gascon Malbec '08, retail $9.99

What I submitted:

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I poured myself a glass of Gason Malbec. I was mesmerized by the sunlight radiating through the deep plum color. The pleasant, balanced aroma of dark berries and chocolate seduced my lips, inching to the rim of the glass. As I sipped, the initial light texture sprouted into tannins, which provided an enjoyable earthy finish. Nibbling on chocolate with the next sip, all that was left was a sigh.

Looking back at my writing, I cringe. I'm proud that I won first place, but I'm not proud of what I wrote. But that feeling just comes with writing; there's always room to edit. First of all, it was difficult trying to fit my ideas into 75 words - I must have went through more than 10 revisions. Second, reading this description again, it sounds like I threw up a Wine 101 dictionary. I just needed more space to show my personal connection with the wine without sounding like a generic commercial (can you tell I'm self-critical?).

However, this experience DID start me off into writing about wine, and I'll only improve with time, experience, knowledge. And even though I'm not truly happy with what I had written, I stand by the Gascon Malbec when I say it's truly a nice, drink-at-any-occasion wine.


Made for Eternity... said...

that's still awesome! i enjoyed that little review there!


Lisa Kim said...

Thanks for the encouragement Chophia =)

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