Tamari - Malbec - Argentina

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Many enjoy wine with food, so if a wine is acidic or has a quick finish, it does not effect the enjoyment for those people.

However, that is not me; that is not how I enjoy wine. I want wine that I can appreciate on its own.

Waiting for a take-out order at the Adobe Grill, I decided to drink a glass of wine at the bar. I chose a Tamari Malbec.

First sip: light flavor... gritty end.
Second sip: became more buttery and smooth.
Third sip: I realized my glass was dirty and got a new one, with an overly generous pour (almost to the rim!)
Fourth gulp: Wooo! Too acidic! I drank it too quickly.
Fifth sip: It seems to be getting worse. It's just too acidic. The finish is way too quick. (Too bad I am ordering food to-go instead of eating it with the wine - food might have spurned a different opinion on this wine)

I finished the glass with more of  sick feeling than a pleasant one. I tipped the bartender, collected my food, and stumbled home.


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